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Dec 03 - 12 - As reported on November 18 Blog, we were surprised to learn that 2012 is the year that Ken  MUST be at the Virginia DMV in person to have his vision tested, to have his picture taken, and to renew his Virginia Driver's license.

Ken's son, Mike, in Richmond, said we could stay with them when we were in Richmond.  His daughter, Vickie, has made several reservations for their daughter, Niki, to travel from LA to Fort Lauderdale.  She recommended SPIRIT Airlines as the best price.  We made our reservations on Spirit, paid for our baggage and reserved our seats.

We were to depart LAX at 10:00 PM on Monday, December 13.

Ken made friends while waiting to board the plane!  They were fascinated by his description of the game of Pickleball!!

From LAX we flew all night.  Made a connection at Fort Lauderdale Airport, and then on to Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) pictured below.

Since BWI was so far from Richmond, we decided to rent a car from Dollar Rent A Car, and drove to Richmond (about 3 hours).

As soon as we went arrived at Mike and Diane's, Ken went immediately , to the local DMV and posed for his picture (even though he had not taken time to shave), and had his vision checked, and renewed his Driver's License!

From the time we arrived in Richmond on December 04, to the time we left on December 11, we were busy, busy, busy!  Following are some of our activities.  Other activities were interspersed and are shown in separate postings!

Dec 06 - One of the things I particularly wanted to do while we were back home was to go to Zorba's  Italian Restaurant for their Mussels Mariana.  We took Mike and Diane to Zorba's for dinner on Thursday night.

Incidentally, Ken's daughter Stacey recently moved from Florida to Richmond and is working for Diane in her Paramedical Service, Accu-Med.  And, his daughter, Vickie, surprised us greatly by flying up from Fort Lauderdale to be here with us!

Here are the girls at dinner!  Note.  All of us are LEFT-HANDED!!  Faye, Stacey, Vickie, Diane.

And the right-handed guys!  Mike and Ken.

Forgot to take a picture of the Mussels, but they were delicious!!!!

Dec 07 -  During the day on Friday, Ken and I went to the cemetery to place poinsettias on the graves of our parents.  It just so happens, both of our parents are buried in Greenwood Memorial Gardens.  Not only that!  They are separated by only a few grave sites!

The grave sites with poinsettias!

Not only are our parents buried at Greenwood, Ken and I have our mausoleum niche reserved there for our ashes when we are cremated!!  This picture shows our niche with a view!!  Ours are the top two plaques.

Dec 08 - We chose today, Saturday, to drive over to see Stacey's apartment, since she would not be working.  The apartment is actually the second floor of a dwelling in the neighborhood where she and the Ewbank siblings grew up!  Neat!

Stacey sitting on her window seat in her neat alcove!  Notice the pictures on each wall.

Picture on the right wall -- Ken in NYC the year after we were married!!  Now you ladies see why I married him!!  HA HA

And Faye on the left wall at about the same time!!

On Saturday evening, we were invited to a party being given by Suzanne who has a house cleaning service and cleans Diane and Mike's house.  On our way to the party, Mike took us on a "Tacky House Tour."

The party was at Suzanne's boyfriend's huge house.  There were only about 200 people at the party!  And food to die for!!

Stacey was a Paralegal in Florida, but on the side she was a Bartender!  She was the only Bartender for the 200 guests!!  Great job, Stacey, and Suzanne!!  Thank You!!!

See other Richmond activities in the following posts.

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