Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Dec 07 - This was a total surprise!  When we arrived at Mike and Diane's on Tuesday the 4th, Mike said his cousin Terri was planning a reunion of the Ewbank cousins!!  By plan or by chance, the reunion turned out to be during the week we were in Richmond!!

Mike and Terri made arrangements for the group to meet at the local Golden Coral on Friday at 5:30 PM.  They felt Golden Coral would suit best because everyone could eat what they wanted, when they wanted, and stay for as long as they wanted.  Turns out they made a great decision!  Everyone enjoyed the evening!

Here is the group of cousins and their families.  I won't attempt to name them all -- just the main table in the center!   (Clockwise around the table from front left:  Ken's daughter's Stacey and Vickie, Faye, Ken, Ken's brother Edward, Mike, Diane, and Terri who instigated the reunion.)

Here are the cousins who were able to be at the reunion:  Douglas, Stacey, Vickie, Mike, Walter; Front: Terri and Michelle.  (Three cousins were not there.)

And here are the two brothers who created all of these children!  Ken and his brother Edward.  They each had five children.

It was a great gathering of the Ewbank clan.  Thank you Terri and Mike for making it happen.

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