Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Dec. 5 - Another thing I particularly wanted to do when we were in Richmond, was to go to Bonefish for the Bang Bang Shrimp on Wednesday evening!  (We have not found a Bonefish in the west!)  Our good friends that we played tennis with and have hung around with for 30+ years arranged this evening for us.

Gene and Lois Keebler who discovered the Bang Bang Shrimp night at Bonefish, and turned the rest of  us on to it!  They recently bought a condo in Venice, Florida for the winter.  We have Pickleball friends who play in Venice.  Maybe Gene and Lois will take up the game themselves - do you think??

Karen and Dennis who handled making our reservations at Bonefish!  Karen is a real estate attorney.  Dennis is retired and having way too much fun!!  He has started playing Pickleball in Kilmarnock on occasion.  He said an 80 year old woman and 79 year old man beat his a$$!!  HA HA  We went to their townhouse for rum cake,egg nog and reminiscing after Bonefish.

Our hosts for the week, Diane and Mike.

And here we are!!  Having a great time!!

Have to tell you this story.  As we were dining, something was happening in the back causing all kinds of confusion.  The waitresses were soooo mixed up.  Some of us couples had ordered salad to share before our Bang Bang Shrimp.  The waitresses brought us whole salads, and then brought out the salads to share.  Then several other waiters stopped by our table:  Who ordered the Caesar Salad??  Who ordered the Seared Ahi Tuna??  Who gets the Caesar Salad??  Diane said "If they stop by with one more dish, I'm going to eat it!!"  HA HA

Then the waitresses served the Bang Bang Shrimp.  Some of us ordered Shrimp in Bang Bang Sauce; some ordered the sauce on the side.  A waitress was serving Shrimp with sauce on the side, when the sauce slipped off the plate and spattered on the floor at Karen's feet!!!  The waitress was so apologetic.  Karen just said:  "Tonight we are offering Bang Bang Shrimp in the sauce, Shrimp with sauce on the side, and Shrimp with sauce on the Floor!!"  HA HA

Later in the evening the Manager stopped by our table and explained how he had been watching our evening unfold.  He said he saw the salad confusion, the seared tuna, and then, the sauce on the floor.  He offered to reduce the bills for the entire table by half!!!  How amazing!!

Here is the Bang Bang Shrimp in the Sauce.

And Bang Bang Shrimp with Sauce on the Side.

Sorry.  No picture of the Bang Bang Shrimp with Sauce on the Floor!!

That was so much fun guys!!  Thank you so much for arranging it for us!!

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