Wednesday, December 19, 2012


 Dec 09 - My daughter and son and their families live in North Carolina.  They were able to arrange their schedules so they could all come up to visit us on Sunday!!  I was thrilled!!

I wanted to come up with something we could all do together, rather than sit around Mike and Diane's house in their way.  I discovered there was going to be a dramatic re-enactment of the Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty or give me death" speech made at the 1775 Virginia Convention at Henrico Parish Church.   I thought my grandson, Thomas, would enjoy the history lesson.

Henrico Parish Church is now known as St. John's Church in Richmond-- an historic landmark.  Note the grave markers in front -- over 200 years old.

Grandson Thomas reading the plaque about St. John's Church.

The re-enactment was inside the church with actors seated among the audience.  Each stood in turn to make his point as to weather Virginia should make immediate preparation for war with England or if we should try to avert war.  Arguments were heated and ended with Patrick Henry's resolution for immediate arming of the colony in which he stated with fervor, "I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"  We, in the audience, were participants in the proceedings as well, shouting Aye or No as appropriate.

After the performance, the actors waited outside to greet the audience.  I don't remember them all but  the patriot on the left is Thomas Jefferson.  The person at the far right is George Washington.  It was amazing how much the actor resembled the Nickle!!  Next to GW is Edmund Pendleton who questioned if we were ready for war at this time.

The two Thomasses!  Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Gobble.  And they both have beautiful red hair!!

Thomas chatting with Richard Lee.  Mr. Lee was seated in the pew directly in front of us and frequently turned toward us and made some comment under his breath about the proceedings.  We felt a kinship with him, particularly.  In talking with us outside, he mentioned the bandaged right hand and explained that Richard Lee had lost two fingers on his right hand and was never seen in public without a bandage covering the injury.

On our way home from the re-enactment we stopped by KFC to pick up one of their Festive Feast for lunch.

Another thing I really wanted to have while back home was some Brunswick Stew!!  So we opened several cans of Mrs. Fearnow's Brunswick Stew to go with our KFC.  Not as good as home made but it was good.  UMMMMMMM!!

My family just sitting around, having fun together!!  Stasia, Gene, Faye, Barry, MaryAnn and Thomas lounging across our laps!!

It was wonderful to see all of them again after two and a half years away!!  Love you all so much!!

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