Monday, January 20, 2014


Thur, Jan 09  - Faye's brother Nelson recently moved to The Villages about fifty miles away from TT Orlando.  That is ideal because now we can visit each other more frequently.  Today Nelson came to TT Orlando and after lunch we sent to the "RV Show" at the campground.  We browsed through several of the coaches and fifth-wheels and chose the ones we wanted.  HA HA

Later, Nelson and I went to Lakeridge Winery north of Clermont for their wine tasting!

We decided to take the tour before going to taste the wine.  We went out on a deck overlooking the vineyards.   No grapes this time of year!

Our guide pointed out the machinery used to gather the grapes.

Inside there are barrels of wine being processed.

The packing room.

Next we went to the wine tasting bar.  Our guide poured the wine and explained the different characteristics of each.  Before long we had knowledgeable tastes of nine different Lakeridge wines!  One interesting point he made was that grapes do not grow well in Florida soil.  Wine makers discovered that they could successfully graft a variety of grapes to the roots of the Muscadine grape which is native to Florida and all along the east coast.  Many of the Lakeridge grapes are grown this way and the wines are a delicious blends of the Muscadine grape.

Nelson and I enjoying our wine tasting!  Do you think we might have had a little too much?

When Nelson arrived, he brought us a bottle of wine he had purchased at the grocery store and wrapped in gift paper.  We did not know what kind of wine it was except that it was a Lakeridge wine.  What a coincidence!  When we got home from the winery, we were anxious to see which of the wines he had brought to us.  Here is the bottle of Lakeridge Southern Red which is one of the wines we had tasted earlier.

After dinner, we all enjoyed fresh Strawberry Shortcake!!

Nelson really knows how to enjoy!!

That was so much fun having you visit today, Nelson.  We'll have to do it again soon!

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