Monday, January 20, 2014


Sundays, Jan 05 and Jan 12 - Frequently when we talked to Cis and Joe, they mentioned all the deer hunting their family does during the season in Pennsylvania.  And I always tell them to bring Venison when they come to Florida for the winter!

This winter, they did indeed bring us some Venison!!  My thinking was that we would all have a cookout together and they would share some of the Venison, but what happened was they brought three nice sized packages of Venison just of us!!  A package of steak, a package of chops, and a package of sausage which Joe said was actually hamburger.  We were absolutely thrilled!!  But what to do with it??

I called Cis to see how they prepared their Venison.  Cis totally surprised me when she said "Oh, we don't eat it.  We have not eaten Venison in years!!"  What??!!  We could not believe it!

What to do??  We have never prepared Venison before!!  I went on line a looked for recipes for Venison Steak!  This one recipe indicated it was the best recipe ever!!  and all of the reviews showed 5 stars and excellent reviews.  That's the one we chose. It was the right choice.  Our Venison steak was soooo good served with sauteed mushrooms!!  Melted in our mouth!!  Definitely Five stars!!!

The next week, we decided to give the Chops a try.  Another trip to the internet searching for recipes for Venison Chops.  The recipe we chose was like the one for the steaks -- the best recipe ever with 5 star ratings and excellent reviews!!  This was a slow cooker recipe.  It too was wonderful served over egg noodles!!  Could cut it with a fork!

We still have the package of hamburger to prepare.  Can't wait to try it!!

Thank you so much Cis and Joe for the Venison treats!  How can we ever repay you??

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