Monday, January 20, 2014


Sat, Jan 04 - I knew my friend Suzanne was at TT Orlando at the same time as we were.  I called her today to let her know I had some line dance step sheets for her and when could we get together.  She mentioned that she and John were going to the Saturday night entertainment tonight at the Adult Lounge and I invited myself to join them there.

Our entertainment!  Diana Lynn and Mike Thomas. She was formerly the Recreation Director at TT Orlando.  He performs at nearby Disney World.  Great musical duo.

Here is our group.   Nearest to the camera:  John M and Marion, friends of Suzanne and John.  John B is second on the left and Suzanne and Faye are on the right.

A fun night of good listening.  I was disappointed that I could not dance because of my aching hip!!!

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