Saturday, November 1, 2014


Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays, birthdays!!!  We celebrated some one's birthday every month from July to October!  What fun!!

Ken's daughter Stacey's birthday was in July.  Mike and Diane, Ken and I took her to a great Mexican Restaurant nearby.  Don't know how I missed getting a picture of the group, but -

This is what Ken and I had for dinner!!  We shared the Fajita dinner and still had enough left over for lunch the next day.  (The Fried Ice Cream is a birthday treat for Stacey from the Restaurant.)

Stacey enjoying a birthday margarita!

Being serenaded by the Restaurant staff.  Note the biggggg sombrero.

My sister, Beryle had a birthday in August.  The family got together at my other sister, Jean and Bob's temporary apartment to celebrate.  (Note:  Their apartment is temporary because they moved from their home into an apartment while waiting for their new condo to be completed.)

Beryle, her daughter Debbie, Bob, my brother Chip, Ken, Jean and me.

Time to cut the cake!  UUUMMMMM!!  Happy Birthday, Beryle!!

In September, Diane celebrated her birthday!  Stacey brought bottles of Barefoot wine for the two of us because my birthday is coming up soon.

We took Diane and Mike to one of their favorite places to eat -- Glory Days.  Happy Birthday, Diane!!  Looking Good!!

And October 2nd was MY birthday!!  A couple of weeks earlier, we visited my daughter Stasia in Goldsboro, NC for the day.  After a hectic day of our trying to find a tiny little relay fuse for the A/C in our Suzuki, we got together with Stasia and husband, Gene and followed them out to dinner.

They love their little sports convertible!!

We enjoyed delicious steak at The Texas Roadhouse!

And I got the traditional Birthday Cheer from the Roadhouse waitresses!!

As I said earlier, Thursday, October 2nd was my birthday!!   My sister, Beryle and niece Debbie and I had to attend a morning meeting about Reynolds/Alcoa Retiree Medical Insurance -- on my Birthday!!  Debbie called me the day before and invited me to Birthday Breakfast at Cracker Barrel before the meeting. What a surprise!!  Breakfast was delicious, but unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures!  Thank you Beryle and Debbie for my starting my birthday on a happy note!

We all went to the meeting which lasted into the afternoon.  No good new there!!

Back in the motorhome, about 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, I was filling out a form (but mostly dozing), when suddenly I felt two hands on my knees.  A sweet voice said, "Happy Birthday to You!"   Who is that!!??  I looked up.  It was my daughter, Stasia!!!  She had driven up from North Carolina to spend the afternoon with me -- for my Birthday!!!  I was sooooo SURPRISED!!  She was supposed to be on a rafting trip with a group from her work with Parks and Recreation!!

As it turned out, the rafting trip was cancelled.  She decided she would spend the day with me instead!  She was on the phone with Ken several times.  Talked to sister Jean and niece Debbie.  Even talked to Mike and Diane trying to figure what time she needed to be here!!!  Unbelievable!!  Not a hint of anything from any of them!!

Later in the day we went over to Mike and Diane's for Happy Hour.  Then we all went out to dinner at P. F. Chang to celebrate my birthday and Diane's birthday since her's was just the week before!  What a great dinner!!

The restaurant gave a choice of dessert to both of the birthday girls!  I wondered why Ken told us we did not need the desserts??!!  But they are FREE!!  And we shared with everyone at the table.

Later when we got back to Mike and Diane's after dinner, Ken brought out a big Birthday Cake for me!!  Now I understood about the desserts at Chang's!!

But the evening was not over!!  Ken, Diane, and Stacey had to sing "Happy Birthday To You" to ME!!

Thank you everybody to making my birthday a Very Happy Birthday!!!

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