Saturday, November 1, 2014


Thursday - Saturday, September 20 - 22 - Thousand Trails Chesapeake Bay hosted Bluegrass by the Bay which included the East Coast Bluegrass Band Competition on Thursday evening.  Although I am not a real fan of Bluegrass, I really enjoyed the event last year and looked forward to attending again.  The 2014 event was expanded from a two-day event to three days, and the price for TT members went up to $30/pp.

Here is a copy of the program for the weekend.  An unbelievable number of participants!

Bluegrass by the Bay started on Thursday evening with the East Coast Bluegrass Band Competition.  Each competing band performed two vocals and one instrumental.

Sidebar:  Attendees were given ballets with the competitors listed so we could check the ONE band we liked best.  Last year's winners "Old Dogs New Tricks" were not in the competition this year but entertained us before the program began.  I remembered them well because I voted for them! 

This year I voted for this group "Copper Canyon" because they had a really good sound and their leader looked like he was enjoying himself sooooo much.  Plus, they looked really professional.  All of that added up to my vote!

I liked this group from the moment they came on stage.  They were a handsome group of "senior citizens" known as the "Little Mountain Boys".  Had a really good sound but their last selection lost my vote.

But this was the group that won, "Josh Grigsby & County Line"!!  I knew they would win because they had the loudest fans.  And, they had a really good sound too!  CONGRATULATIONS GUYS (AND GAL)!!

That was Thursday,  On Friday there was Bluegrass all day and all night, kicked off again by "Old Dogs New Tricks".  There were five bands on Friday from noon until dinner break.  Then the same bands played again from 6 PM until 11 PM.   On Saturday, they had the same schedule but with five different bands.  I didn't know there was so many Bluegrass Bands on the East Coast!!!

It was a really great festival!!  Good job, Sandy, and all involved!!

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