Saturday, November 1, 2014


Sat. Oct. 04 - This past week my sister, Jean and her husband Bob moved into their new condo in one of the most amazing new retirement communities, Covenant Woods.  Description from the Covenant Woods website:

Covenant Woods is a fully accredited Continuing Care Retirement Community nestled in Mechanicsville, VA.. . .  designed as a community where people come to enjoy their life and their independence, Covenant Woods makes it possible for you to free up time formerly spent on chores and home maintenance, and devote that time and energy to the pursuit of life-long or brand new interests and passions. When you move into an independent living apartment or cottage, you have the comfort of knowing that assisted living, memory support and nursing care are available should your needs change.

Jean and Bob certainly do not need the assisted living services yet but there are plenty of activities to keep them busy for many years to come!

A beautiful facility!!

On Saturday, Ken and I went to visit them and took some of Ken's pulled pork Bar-B-Q.  The plan was to see their new place, have a quick lunch and leave so they could get back to work unpacking, etc.  When we arrived; however, some friends of theirs were already there.  So, we sat around and ate and talked all afternoon!!  Guess they didn't get much work done that day!

Jean and I in the lobby of their building.

Congratulations on your new home, Jean and Bob.  We wish for you many happy years there!!

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