Monday, November 22, 2010


There are lots of Roadrunners running around in the campground. I captured this one when we were leaving the Pickleball courts.

Also some Hummingbirds. Our friends Pam and Joe kept telling us of all the Hummingbirds flitting around their site. We saw them for ourselves. In the meantime, our feeder sat vacant for about five-six days before the first bird arrived. This one would come over, flit around a little, and then settle down like this. Another bird comes over and flits all the time and never settles down. And then there is another Hummingbird that is a real bully. When he is there he will not let any other birds come near. We’ll have to tell him about the Anti-Bullying Laws!!

I know one thing about myBird Pictures and that is: I need to get Mark (Pheaton Place) to take the pictures for me!! HA HA

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