Monday, November 22, 2010


November 22 – More and more players are arriving at TT Palm Springs. Eight AM sees them out on the courts, ready for more action.

Neal and Bob. Neal is wearing his Wild Hair this morning!! A black visor with gray spiked hair!!

Mark and Larry.

Chris and Ken.

Don and Jessie playing left handed because of she has right shoulder problems.

Husband-Wife team of Dennis and Barb.

Lynn and Linda.

Jim and Bob.
Paul and Dottie playing against Jim and his partner. Side Bar: Paul is right handed and is blind in his left eye. I am left handed and I'm blind in my right eye. We kid each other that when we play together we make a whole person!! HA HA

Ken and Don. Ken is showing off some of his fancy moves!!

Chris and Betty.

New Player and Don.

Dennis and Larry P.

Jim and Mark.

It was another fun day on the Pickleball courts!!

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