Thursday, November 25, 2010



Thanksgiving Day – OMG!! OMG!! I could not believe the turnout for our Pickleball Thanksgiving Dinner!! About a week and a half ago we found out that Thousand Trails was not going to have Thanksgiving Dinner for the members this year. At Pickleball the next day I asked the players who were present if any of them would be interested in our having a Pickleball Thanksgiving Dinner, they way we used to do at TT Verde Valley, AZ years ago. We could buy a prepared dinner and supplement with pot-luck items. There seemed to be some interest so we got started organizing the affair. I was hoping for maybe 10 – 12 people. Imagine my surprise when the list kept growing until we had 30 Pickleball players planning to attend!!!

I checked with the grocery stores nearby to determine their offerings and prices for prepared Thanksgiving Dinner. One day I was explaining what was available when Rick who runs the Pickleball program spoke up and said, “I can cook the turkeys. I can buy the turkeys at a good price and I can cook the turkeys and a ham.” What a God-Send!!

So, Rick and Linda ended up cooking three turkeys and a ham. Everyone pitched in with a variety of food items including gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, yams, salads, green bean casseroles, green peas, breads and of course lots of dessert!! It was wonderful!!

Our Turkey Roasters Rick and Linda at the far end of the table! Thank you so much guys!! They are joined by our long-time friend Peter.

The meal was enjoyed by everyone!!

Seated here are Lynn's son Greg, Lynn himself, Lee, Vicki and Phil.

Don, Larry P., Paulette, and Sonja.

Rita and Betty.

Nancy and Bob, Dancin' Dottie, Sally and Jerry. Dottie's husband Larry could not join us.

Here I am with my helpers for the day, Bob and Pam, Pam and Joe, and Ken, of course!!

I say they were my helpers, but in fact, everybody pitched in to help prepare, carve turkeys, serve, and clean up. Thanks to all of you guys.
It was a great Thanksgiving Dinner -- one I shall never forget!!

On our way home after our Thanksgiving Dinner, we happened to pass Bob and Julie’s site where a group of “Florida” Pickleball players were getting ready to have their own Thanksgiving Dinner. (I call them (Ken and myself included) the “Florida” Players because we met all of them in Florida, except Oland and Merralee, but they also came east so they are included with the group.) We stopped to say HI and have a quick drink with them.

Bob happened to mention he had some of Sally’s wine. Back this summer Sally took up wine making when we were all at TT St. Clair in July, and she had honored us by giving us some of her home made wine. We decided to toast Sally, who is back at Torrey Oaks in Wauchula, FL, with Bob’s bottle of Sally’s wine!!

A toast to you, Sally, from Chris, Mark, Barb, Dennis, Julie, Bob, Ken, Faye, Merralee and Oland! We miss you and all the other Players back in Florida!!!

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