Tuesday, November 23, 2010


November 23 –When we first arrived at Lake Minden in California back in Mid-September, I forgot to Blog that one of the most exciting things for us was that we could go shopping at WinCo again!! We do not have WinCo Foods back east. That’s because, as Marty told us, they are only located in Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, and Oregon.

Well, there is a WinCo in Indio, just a few miles from TT Palm Springs. Ken and I went shopping today.

As you can see, WinCo is a big grocery warehouse!! Food stuffs are stacked from floor to ceiling! The produce and meats are endless!!

But the thing I like best are the big dispensers of bulk foods – cereals, candies, dried veggies, peas, beans, nuts, etc.

Here I am dispensing some pecans into my bag. What fun!!

Or, you can scoop items from the barrels. We have gotten some dried cranberries. You put the amount you want into a plastic bag, then close it with a twister and write the item number on the twister. At the register the Cashier keys in the number, weighs the item and you get charged the appropriate amount.

We went to WinCo today because Peter told us they had Dungeness Crabs for $3.99 a pound. In the Seafood Department we found the Crabs just as he had reported.

The seafood lady told us they were fresh – never frozen, $3.99 a pound, and she would clean them for us.

And then she gives Ken our package of crabs for dinner tonight.

Unfortunately, it was too cool and windy to eat outside, so we had the crabs indoors. We did not have any crackers so we had to pound the hard shells with a wooden mallet. Crab shells and juices flying everywhere -- all over us and our clothes, on the windows, and all over the motorhome!! But it was worth it!! UUUMMMMMM!! But I have to say, they are not as good as our Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs!!!
Wish we had a WinCo back in Richmond or Gloucester!!

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