Friday, November 25, 2011


Thanksgiving Day - Friends Pam and Joe had invited us to Thanksgiving Dinner at their new home, along with several other couples. We had a great time and more than plenty to eat!! We started with drinks, wines and appetisers.

New acquaintance, Alice, brought bottles of Nouveau wine. which she said is available only in November.

I told her I had read an article about the "Day of the Wine" celebrating the release of Beaujolais nouveau wine on the third Thursday of November in Beaujolais, France, and because of the fermentation process should be drunk within six months. I had tried to find the wine but had no success. Alice knew Trader Joe's had "Two Buck Chuck" Nouveau wine released in November and bottled in Napa Valley, CA. We all enjoyed the wine and never noticed is was not from Beaujolais!!

The turkey is ready for carving!!

The guys slaved over the stove preparing the dinner!! Joe, Jeff, Bob, Ken, Pete (real name Anthony)

The ladies enjoyed pie and campaign! Clyde, Alice, Pam, Pam, Faye. (Note the new short, short hairdo!!)

Thank you Pam and Joe for a great Thanksgiving Dinner.


While enjoying the evening at Pam and Joe's, Clyde mentioned she would like to have us all over for her famous Sticky Buns. We decided Sunday morning would be ideal! And again there was more than plenty to eat.

The star of the morning, Clyde's Stick Buns, along with fruit bowls, fried apples, sweet cakes and quiche.

Jeff, Chuck, Joe, Helen, Clyde, Julie.

Pam, Joe, Alice and Pete.

Pam, Bob, Ken, Faye.

Again, everything was wonderful!! When's the next event???

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