Friday, November 25, 2011


Nov. 25 - Because of Thursday being Thanksgiving Day, the weekly Ladder Day was played on Friday. The point of Ladder Day is to give players an opportunity to play matches with three other players of similar level to make games more competitive. Players are assigned to a foursome at the beginning of the day based on points scored in previous Ladder Day matches. Each foursome plays three round robin matches during the day, competing with and against each of the other three players. Scores are reported at the end of each match; those scores are added to previous scores; after that, I don't know what happens!!!

We had six pairings today -- twenty-four players!! I didn't take action pictures today (it's hard work!), but here are the six groups!

Rick, Mark, Jan, David.

Paul, Bill, Faye, Lee.

Pam, Bob, Laurie, Neal

Ken, Diane, Bob, Linda

Roger, Nancy, Jack, Ray

Bill, Larry, Dennis, Tom

It was a long, long morning, but it was a fun one!!!

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Sandra Leesmith said...

Looks like you're all having a blast.

Have fun.

We've had to line up paddles here at Verde Valley. Lots of pickleball players and happy hours. smile