Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Nov. 21 - This morning some new players came over to the Pickleball courts. Unfortunately, they were a few days too late to be in the Saturday tournament!

Pat and Bill. Roger and Linda with whom we had spent the better part of the summer at TT Verde Valley in Arizona.

Welcome guys! Glad you're back.

After pickleball this morning, plans were made to meet for dinner at Del Taco's just down the street. They have a Tuesday special of 3 Tacos and Senior Drink for $1.00!! What a deal!!

Here's the group around the table! Roger, Bill, Matt, Faye, Matt's wife Connie, Bill's wife Dorothy, Roger's wife Linda, Jack's wife Diane, Jack and Ken.

We had just met Matt and Connie and Bill and Dorothy. They are friends of Diane and Jack whom we knew from the East coast!

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