Sunday, November 20, 2011


Nov. 19 - Today was another day of Pickleball because we had another Saturday Pickleball Tournament at TT Palm Springs. Rick and Shirley divided participants into two divisions -- A and B flights. The format was Round Robin, Luck-Of-The-Draw. A good time was had by everyone who played.

Here is some of the action (names are below the pictures):

Linda sprints to the back court as Ken reaches for an overhead!

Paul and Bob.

Susan and Barb.

Rick and Diane.

Tom and Linda.

Barb and Pam.

Faye with Bob.

Bryan and Jim P.

Ken and Jessie.

Tom and Jack.

Bob P. and Clint.

Jim M. and Tom.

Ken and Rick.

And the winners were!! For the B Flight: Bob P. First Place; Susan Second Place; and Bob S. Third Place.

Winners for A Flight: Tom First Place, Jim P. and Linda tied for Second Place; and Jim M. won Third Place!

Congratulations to the Winners and all participants!!!

A little later in the afternoon, Rick and Linda hosted another Happy Hour at their pad. Rick prepared a turkey and ham for sandwiches and everyone brought a side or dessert. It was delicious and a lot of fun!!

Here is the turkey!! UUMMMMM!

Chef Rick carving the ham and turkey.

Here's Marge and Tom. Later when awards were presented for Tournament play, Tom took the opportunity to thank Dennis and Judy for not playing so he was able to win First Place!!

Carol and Clint.

This is Judy and Bryan.

Shirley and Jim P.

Rick and Linda, our hosts.

Diane and Jack.

Then Diane gets with Paul!!

Anne and Bob P.

Bob S. and Pam.

Barb and Dennis.

Ken and Faye!

During the evening, Jim P. was cutting up with some of the boys!! Ken was snuggling with him behind the hat.

Rick grabbing his leg!!

Thanks Rick and Linda for a great day and even greater Happy Hour!!!

Addendum: Barb had taken a few pictures at the party. Later, when I opened up my e-mail, I had a message from Barb which included this JiberJaber production staring Faye and Ken,Tom and Marge and Dennis.

So funny!!


Brits On Tour said...

all looking good, I have send Barb J a few email, has she changed her email address?? or are you all having so much fun, you have for got us :-(

Sandra Leesmith said...

Wow, Sounds like so much fun. We can hardly wait to get there. We arrive the 28th, after Christmas. Hope some of you are still around.

Teena said...

Wow you guys are really hopping!!! I love all the food and fun you are packing in. I see the benefit to the pickle ball-ing....and then you can enjoy the food and beverages and still keep your youthful "figures"

Keep up blogging.

Hope we see you some this summer.

Ron and Teena

Marge and John said...

Happy birthday Ken....Merry Christmas to you all.