Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Mar 29 - Had an interesting experience today!  I was at the LaQuinta post office this afternoon to pick up our General Delivery mail.   When I walked in, a young man with a small dog was waiting at the counter for the mail clerk to get his mail.  An elderly gentleman (a little older than Ken) was talking to him about the puppy.  Then I heard him mention that he had written a book about a dog named Gracie and passed his card to the young man, saying that he could find the book on the internet.  His wife who was with the gentleman said that Gracie had lived an interesting life -- had met a lot of celebrities and politicians in Palm Springs -- Kirk Douglas, Frank Sinatra among them.

Shortly, the gentleman asked me if I wanted to sit in the vacant chair.  I misunderstood him and said yes, I was very interested in what they were talking about.  So, he gave me one of his cards.

I thought that was pretty neat that I had met the author, so I looked up Amazing Gracie on line and found a lot of stuff about Gracie Allen written by George Burns.  Wrong Gracie.  So I added the author's name and came up with several websites.

I have not read the book yet but I found out that Gracie also has a website on which I found a short video about the Amazing Gracie and her adventures!


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