Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Mar. 22 - This one is for you Bill and Eric.  Bet you've not run across this one before!!

Shortly after we arrived at TT Palm Springs, friends Keith and Mary stopped to talk with us.  They knew from our Blog that we have had problems with our slide-out.  They had quite a tale of their own!!

They had never had any problem with their bedroom slide-out.  It had always operated very smoothly.  Then one day, for some reason, the  bedroom slide-out became very sluggish in its movement.  It seemed to take much too long to go out or come in.  Keith was very worried.  Something must be broken.

Keith said he crawled under the slide to try to determine the problem himself.  It looked as if something was wrapped around the gear.  He pulled and poked and dug and prodded to remove whatever the item was.

You will never guess what he finally found!!  A wayward pair of Mary's sexy panties!!!  Somehow they had gotten lost under the bedroom slide-out and eventually found their way down and around the gear mechanism!!!

We all had a good laugh over that one!!!  Guess Mary will be paying a visit to Victoria's Secrets!!

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