Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Mar 31 - This afternoon Rick and Linda had invited the Pickleball group to their place to celebrate Easter.  There was plenty of good eating, thanksgiving and fellowship!

Rick carving the smoked ribs.

Lynn and Maggie.  Maggie is working at TT Palm Springs this season.

Shirley and Jim P.

Oland and Cathy

Adi and Jessie with Jim M. and Paul in row behind.  We laughed about the seating being like a movie theater.  When does the next show begin??

Bill (Hayden) and Gloria.  Leaving for TT Verde Valley tomorrow morning.

Larry and Paulette.

Carol and Gordy.  Leaving for Canada tomorrow morning,

Our hosts Rick and Linda.  Thanks for a good time Guys!

And, Faye and Ken.

Have a Happy Easter everybody.

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