Sunday, March 29, 2015


Fri, Mar 13 - We spent the afternoon with Ken's daughter Tracy in Sanford.  Well, actually, we spent part of the afternoon AT Tracy's watching the VCU basketball game against University of Richmond in the Quarterfinals of the Atlantic-10 Conference.  This was a very important game because Richmond had beaten us two times already this season.  We absolutely Could Not lose again!!!  We Won!!!  In fact, VCU went on the win the Atlantic-10 Conference 2015!!  Go VCU!!

After the game, we spent time with Tracy and Chuck and Gabe playing around with their Royalty Puppies.

During the afternoon, Tracy mentioned that a friend of theirs was taking riding lessons at the stables and would be riding this afternoon and might come for dinner.  We went out to watch him ride but we were too late.  He was just heading to the stables to end his ride.

Later he did come over to the house and Tracy introduced us:  Steve ? who was involved in producing a number of episodes of "American Pickers" on TV.  He was very nice guy and it was an enjoyable experience getting to meet him.

We all went outside to take a look at his Fiat 500.  The guys were impressed:  Chuck, Ken, Gabe, and Steve

And so was I.

Ken checking it out a little closer.

For dinner Tracy prepared a large kettle of mussels -

And baked Grouper with slivered almonds.

Ken has been craving some Shoo Fly Pie, so I baked Shoo Fly Pie for dessert.

It was a very enjoyable time on the farm and a delicious dinner.  Thanks to all of you.

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