Sunday, March 29, 2015


Tue, Mar 24 - There is a good group of Pickleball players here at TT Peace River; however, Ken and I have not made an appearance at the courts -- getting O L D !!

We were thrilled when our friend Tom knocked on our door this morning and said he and Becky were going to have a campfire in the evening about 7 PM.  Some of the Pickleball players were going to be there and could we join them.

We were delighted of course.  Here are some of the guys:  Ken, Keith (notice his hair is back), Barry, and Jerry.

And some of the girls:  Marie, Faye, Sis and Pam.

And our host and hostess Tom and Becky with Paul in the middle.

The evening weather was perfect.  The campfire was enjoyable.  And the company was most delightful!!  Thanks so much Tom and Becky for including!

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