Sunday, March 29, 2015


Fri, Mar 29 - While we were at the campfire the other night, there was mention of going to Giovanni's for Pizza one night.  Tonight's the night!  Marie was our organizer and let us all know that we were meeting at Giovanni's at 4:15 PM on Friday!!

Here is the group!

Marie and Keith

Tom and Becky who hosted the Campfire on Tuesday.

Faye and Ken.  Even though we don't get to the Pickleball courts very often, it is still fun to be included!

Sis and Paul seated next to us.

At the far end of the table are Barry, Pam and Jerry.

Here is my Pizza.  That is not Pepperoni slices, it's tomato and basil.  UMMM Good!

Barry did not order Pizza.  He got the Calzone.  It was huge!!  They must have gone to Italy to bake it because it took so long to him to be served!  HA HA

Thanks guys for another good-time!!

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