Sunday, March 29, 2015


Fri, Mar 20 - Ken and I were taking a leisurely afternoon drive around the campground at TT Peace River a couple of days ago.  Travis was enjoying his patio beside the River so we stopped and joined him for awhile for some "Happy Hour" conversation.

Later, as we were getting ready to leave, Travis gave us two huge green peppers a friend had given him fresh out of their garden.  They were the most beautiful green peppers I have ever seen!  I told Travis if he would give us three peppers I would make us all a Stuffed Pepper Dinner.  So we took the three peppers and decided on dinner on Friday (today) at 5:30 at Travis' by the River!

The peppers were so large that it took a full recipe meant for six peppers to have enough to fill the three of them.  Along with the Stuffed Peppers we provided a Spinach Salad and Brownies for dessert.  Travis said that was the first Spinach Salad he had ever eaten!  Travis used his mini fryer and made a bunch of French Fries.   UUMMMMM!!

After dinner Travis built a campfire for us.  He had a pile of wood he wanted to use up before pulling up stakes in a couple of days.

Thanks so much Travis.  That was a lot of fun!!

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