Monday, February 18, 2013


Feb 23 - 29 - I reported in January that we had the seal around the motorhome slideout replaced and adjustments made on the slideout alignment.  Everything seemed to work OK.  But, as we were settling up our account, Bill pointed out that the technicians had found some leak problems with the engine.  What next??!!  Anyway, we set up an appointment in two weeks to coincide with our departure from TT Wilderness Lakes to have the engine repairs made.

But, we later discovered the slideout problems were not over yet!!  When we were at the campground and put out the slideout, we discovered a crushed kitchen tile where the new roller brings the slideout in!!  Oh HE@$#L!!!

We immediately called Bill and extended our scheduled appointment at Temecula Valley RV Service to include taking care of the broken tile.

This was on January 11.  We enjoyed a week and a half of Pickleball, Candy Bar Bingo, etc. at TT Wilderness before returning to Temecula Valley RV Service for repairs on January 23.

The replacement of the leaking fuel lift pump went without any problem.  The leak in the accessory drive gasket was corrected in record time.  Great!!  Not so fast!!  Repair of the crushed kitchen tile was another story entirely!!!

The tile was removed and replaced; more adjustment made to the slideout aleignment.  We had to wait 24 hours before the slideout could be brought in over the new tile.  Guess what!  At the end of that time, another cracked tile!

This was repeated for three tiles!  We were down to the last tile that we had with us!  With the replacement of our last tile and one more adjustment to the alignment everything seems to be OK!!  After almost a week, we were finally able to leave Temecula Valley RV Service!  And, we did not have to set up an appointment for any other repairs.  HURRAH!!!

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