Monday, February 18, 2013


The schedule for the second day of the Senior Games was Women's Singles and Men's Doubles.  Some of the finals from Friday needed to be played today also.

I mentioned how cold and windy it was yesterday.  Snow fell on the surrounding mountains during the night!  But today was a much better day, weather wise!

You may have noticed the ZZT Sports banners in some of the pictures from Day 1.  That is the Pickleball business of our good friends Spike and Linda.  Here is Spike with their son Jerald who was helping wrap grips and sell paddles at the Games.  Nice to meet you Jerald!!

Jim P. and Wendell were partners in the Men's Doubles!

Spectators watching the intense match:  Richard, Becky, Shirley, Linda O., Jim  M's Wife Ad, Jim M., Carole, Clint.

This is Jan, the Announcer for the Games.  I made a point to speak to him today because I wanted to let him know how much I enjoyed his commentary -- his humorous comments in an otherwise dull announcement.  "We need Referees.  Short, Tall, it doesn't matter.  We just need Referees."  "We need volunteers to be Referees.  If we don't get any, we'll be here all night!"  Jan was very surprised to learn that anyone enjoyed his comments!  (That's the wrapped microphone in his right hand -- not an ice cream cone!!)

After winning Gold in Women's Doubles yesterday, long time friend Pat played Women's Singles.

Long time friend Pat playing a singles match.

Pat's match was against Meg.  Meg drove all the way down from Long Beach by herself to play in the Games.  Pat and I met this very nice lady yesterday when she was asking for information.  Meg was just unlucky that she came up against Pat in her very first match!

Bill finished up his Gold Medal Match in the Men's Singles from yesterday!  Winning!!!  Congratulations Bill!

Our prodigy Judy is playing Women's Singles today.  We did not teach her That!!

Ken and Paul watching Judy's match.

More spectators watching her match:  Gloria, Faye, Linda O. Cathy, Oland, Stephanie.

Amazing shot, Judy!

Judy ultimately lost this match in three sets!!  What impressed us spectators was that she came off the court with a big smile on her face.  "I still love this game!' she exclaimed.

On the next court were Jim M. and Clint in their Men's Doubles match.

Spectators watching one of the matches:  Richard, Becky, Shirley, Jim P., Clint, Linda O., Ad, Jim M. 

Paul D. from Del Webb Sun City (right) and his partner.

Ken and I were finished watching Pickleball for another day!

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