Monday, February 18, 2013


Feb. 10 - Third and final day of the Palm Desert Senior Games.  Today's schedule was Mixed Doubles.

Jessie (right) and her partner enjoy their match.  Jessie is still quite a star!

Dave and his partner make a good play!

Pat is challenged in her Mixed Doubles match.  They tried to play everything to her, but she's too tough!

Ran into these busy workers:  Chuck, Linda B. and Rick.

Jim P. and his partner play against -

Joe and his wife Patty.  This was Patty's first tournament.  She did a good job!

Although they didn't win this match, they had a good time.

Spectators watched the match.  Wayne, unknown, Faye, Barb, Martin, Ken, Dave.

Paul D and Joe were co-Referees for one of the matches.

Judy's partner, Stephanie, is Bill's Mixed Doubles partner.

Judy (right) and her Mixed Doubles partner, Chris.  Judy told us the other day that they are partners in more than just Pickleball!  Congratulations, you guys!

We ran into long time friend Jim E. as we were leaving.

We had to get our annual picture with friends Linda and Spike!  See you next year!!!

Ken and I agreed that we used to know almost everyone who played in the games.  Now there are more and more players that we do not know.  It was still a whole lot of fun!!

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