Monday, February 18, 2013


Feb 08 - 10 - Another year and another Palm Desert Senior Games!  This is their poster for 2013!

 We no longer participate in the Palm Desert Senior Games, but we still enjoy watching the play and meeting up with old friends!

This gentleman had an unusual display at the gate as we went in.  Tennis shoes with replaceable tops!!

Notice how the top of the shoe zips off so you can replace it was another look!!  After purchasing one pair of shoes, you can buy just the additional tops.

Today the schedule was Men's Singles, Women's Doubles.  Our friend, Bill, participated in Men's Singles.  He's from Richmond, VA.  He made us proud!!

Bill and his wife, Val.

We missed Jessie's matches but caught up with her and her medal!

Spectators from our campground:  Jim, Shirley, Carole, Ken, Linda O. and Faye.  It was ever so cold and windy!!  Notice how bundled up we are!!

Rick served as Referee for several of the games!

Our prodigy, Judy in purple, with her friend and partner, Stephanie.

Later in the afternoon, Stephanie and Judy played Women's Doubles.

The day was miserably cold and windy.  We left before the games were over, but we'll be back on Saturday!!

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