Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Sat, Aug 16 - My kids Stasia and Barry were coming up from North Carolina to Richmond to visit their father Don for the weekend.  He plays in a band that was performing at the Ashland Street Party on Saturday night.  We were staying at the Elk's Lodge in the Richmond area.  I asked Ken's daughter Stacey if she would like to drive me over to the party.  Even though that was not her kind of thing, she was good enough to say"Yes".

The group performing:  Kind Edward and the BD's.  Don is on Sax, second from the right.

The beautiful people in front of the crowd are my family!!  Stasia's husband Gene, Stasia, Me, Barry, Stacey and Don's son Cable.  We all had a great time!(Note Kenny Rogers is in the crowd.  His head just above my hat!)  The blonde (far right) later came over and asked Barry to dance!

I messed up all of our dancing pictures, and I don't know how this happened, but Barry and I made the Ashland News as a result of being at the Street Party.  Check out this website.  http://issuu.com/mechlocal/docs/201410910rsma  You will have to arrow through a few pages to get to our picture on Page 16.  "Ashland Rocks Out With Kind Edward and The BDs".   Sometimes the website is a little slow to respond.

Had a great time at the Ashland Street Party!!

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