Tuesday, October 21, 2014


July 7 - 9 - My daughter Stasia had made plans to come and visit us while we were at Thousand Trails Chesapeake Bay.  She mentioned that she would like for us to go and visit her cousin (my niece) Debbie who has a home on Lancaster Creek off the Rappahannock River.  Sounded like a great idea to me.  So, we made plans to spend a couple of days with Debbie and her husband Jeff.  When my son Barry found out that we were going to the Rivah, he wanted to join us, too!!

Sidebar:  When my children were growing up, my aunt GG and her husband Slick owned a home on Lancaster Creek off the Rappahannock.  Frequently during the summer, I would pile the kids into the car and we would take off to spend the weekend on the Rivah at their home.  In fact, my whole family -- mother, father, brothers, sisters -- would all crash at GG's place.  Anyway, Stasia and Barry had many fond memories of our times at the river -- swimming, sailing, games we played, foods we ate, etc.  In her elder years, my aunt sold her place and we have not been back in the area for years.  As it turned out, a few years ago, my niece Debbie and her husband bought a home just down the road from GG's place.  So, my kids were anxious to visit them to recapture some of the old memories!

We spent one morning canoeing the creek.  Not the same as sailing, but it was a lot of fun!!  Ended up capsized!!

Had lots of fun playing in the creek again!  No Stinging Nettles yet!!

My brother and sisters also came to visit while we were there!  Back Row:  Debbie, Stasia, Faye, Sister Jean.  Front Row:  Barry, Sister Beryle (Debbie's Mother), Brother Chip.  Fun family time again!

Enjoying lunch!

There is always plenty to eat and drink at Debbie's!!  After I returned home, I noticed this article in Martha Stewart Magazine.  A great idea to print or tape the names of guests on their cups!!

Martha has nothing on Debbie who has been putting our names on Solo Cups for years!!!

Thanks Debbie and Jeff for your great southern hospitality!!!

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