Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Wed-Thur - Aug 27-28 - We spent a couple of fun days with our friends Karen and Dennis at their beautiful home on a creek off the Great Wicomico River.  Other friends Gene and Lois were there too.  All of us used to play tennis together years and years and years ago!!  It's always fun to spend time with this group.  Being on the Rivah is a bonus!!

Dennis took us on a boat ride down the river to historic Reedville.

Gene, Karen and Ken ride in the stern.

Lois and I helped Dennis pilot the boat!  HA HA

We passed a Menhaden boat heading to harbor.  "Reedville is home to the fishing industry for Atlantic menhaden, a small oily fish found in great abundance in Mid-Atlantic coastal waters. By some accounts, it is second only to Dutch HarborAlaska for the annual quantity of fish brought to port in the United States.[1] 

Old smoke stack being renovated.

We passed by Fair Port Marina (now Leadbelly's) where we have enjoyed many delicious soft shelled crab sandwiches.

Lois and Ken enjoy lunch on the screened porch overlooking the creek.

Karen helping me prepare chicken stuffed mini peppers.  Note new glasses for Faye.  This is the first time you have seen me in glasses since my cataract surgery.

After lunch we had a competitive game of Ladder Golf.  Champions holding the winning strings!!

And then a game of Bocce Ball!!

FUN, FUN, FUN!!  Thanks Karen and Dennis for a great time!!

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