Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Sun, May 11 - While we were in Raleigh, the main event, of course, was my grandson Michael's graduation from UNC on Saturday.  But, we had a lot of time for other family events!!

Sunday was Mother's Day!!  My family treated Ken and me to a wonderful brunch on Sunday morning!!

Ken, Mother of the Day, Barry, Stasia, and Gene.

Modeling the beautiful scarf that Stasia gave me on the occasion!

I also had an opportunity to observe Grandson Thomas during his Equestrian lessons!

The riding lessons were quickly followed by Thomas' orchestra concert at his school (no pictures), after which we enjoyed Gelato at a local Parlour (my first).

On Monday, our last day in Raleigh, Barry joined us for a movie at the nearby Cinema ($2.25/pp), after which we picked Thomas up and went out for delicious Mexican!!

It was a great time in Raleigh!!  Loved spending time with the family again!!

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