Friday, September 20, 2013


Thur Aug 22 - We arrived at TT Chesapeake Bay this afternoon.  After finding a site and settling in, we took a drive around the park to see if anything had changed.  Things are pretty much the same!  That's a good thing.

Took a ride down by the dock!

This is NOT the Chesapeake Bay as the park name would imply.  This is the beautiful Piankatank River, about five miles up river from the Bay!

Continuing our ride around the park, we soon met up with Mike Roberts (aka Mr. Pickleball) and his family, Michele and Katelyn.  They were just preparing to go out to dinner in Matthews and invited us to join them.  A chance to go out to dinner!!  What do you think we said!

The welcome sign outside.

Richardson's Cafe was formerly a drug store and soda fountain and still has that feeling inside.  Here we are enjoying a delicious dinner:  Katelyn, Michele, Faye, Ken, and Mike.  UUMMMM!

Ken and I ordered the Tuna over a Salad Plate.  Huge!!

Mike had the Fried Clams with Fries and Fried Corn (on the cob).  More huge!!

Thanks so much Mike and Michele for including us in a great night out!

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