Friday, September 20, 2013


Sept 04 - 11 - Under our Thousand Trails membership contract, we can stay for two weeks at a TT park and then must be out for a week before returning to that same park.  We spent this week out in our home town, Richmond.

Ken's son, Mike and his wife Diane live in Richmond and we spent the week in his driveway.  One of Ken's daughters, Stacey, now lives in Richmond.  Two of his daughters, Vickie and Tracy, flew up from Florida for a few days.  So, the entire family was together!  (Except for Richard who is in Chula Vista, CA).

On Thursday evening, the family went to dinner at Mimi's Cafe:  Faye, Stacey, Vickie, Mike, Tracy and Ken.  (Diane could not make it tonight.)

The next day, A Challenging game of Cornhole!  Tracy and Vickie are new at the game.

Their partners at the opposite board:  Mike (Vickie's partner); neighbor Mitchell (Tracy's partner).

In the next game:  Diane and Ken.

At the opposite board:  Faye (Ken's partner) and neighbor Robin (Diane's partner).  The girls Diane and Robin were the winners.

Ken's glamorous daughters going out for the evening!

One reason the girls flew in from Florida was to scatter their mother's ashes at the graves of her parents.  On Sunday afternoon the siblings went to the cemeteries to remember their mother in the scattering of her ashes.

Time to say farewell!  Mike and Stacey drive Vickie and Tracy to the airport for their flights back to Florida.

On our last night in Richmond, we took Mike and Diane to P.F. Chang's for dinner as a "Thank You" token for letting us spend the week in their driveway.

A yummy dinner enjoyed by all!!

Thanks so much Mike and Diane for letting us stay at your place!!!  Love you!!

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