Friday, September 20, 2013


Wed, Sept 4 - We mentioned in our previous article dated August 20-21 that, on the very last leg of our trip home, we discovered that our driver's side tail light and the exhaust tail pipe extension were damaged.  When we got to TT Chesapeake Bay, Ken's son Mike suggested that we get in touch with his friend Todd who leases a site at the RV park.

Todd came to our site and studied the problems.

Tail light was melted and deformed and did not work.  In fact, it was falling out of the RV.

The exhaust tail pipe extension had come loose and had caused other damage.

As a result of the loose tail pipe extension, the wiring harness for the tail light was badly damaged.

The exhaust pipe was out of position and probably caused the tail pipe extension to loosen which caused the problems with the light!

Todd determined that he could make the necessary repairs at his new shop - TNT Top-Notch Tire and Auto Center in Sandston, VA.

But, first we had to fine a replacement tail light!

We contacted Tiffin Motor Homes but they said they no longer carry that tail light.  They were able to provide a part number and said they thought it was a 1992 Ford Mustang.  We went on line and discovered the part number was actually for a 1992 Ford Crown Victoria!  We told Todd what we now knew about the tail light and he took care of everything after that!!

Today we stopped by TNT in Sandston on our way to Richmond and Todd's shop made the necessary repairs!  Thank you Todd!!  You certainly were a life saver!!  Glad to know where you are located!!  We are always looking for RV repairs!!

Sidebar:  On Saturday (Sept. 14) at the Pickleball courts, after we had returned to TT Chesapeake, we saw Mary wearing this tee shirt!

We know where she has been!!  HA HA   Actually, she can get all the tee shirts she wants!!  She's Todd's friend!!

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