Friday, September 20, 2013


Sun, Sept 1 - The Fourth Annual Ken and Faye Ewbank Pickleball Tournament was held today.   Ken and I introduced Pickleball to a group at TT Chesapeake Bay back in 2006.  The group grew and grew until we held the first Labor Day Pickleball Tournament in 2008.  Sometime after that, Mike Roberts and Rick R. took over running the tournaments.  Pickleball continued to grow at TT Chesapeake Bay until a tournament was held during each summer holiday in conjunction with the horseshoe tournament and, now, the cornhole tournament.

When we took to the road in July 2010, Mike asked if they could name the Labor Day Pickleball Tournament after us.  Hence today's tournament is The Fourth Annual Ken and Faye Ewbank Pickleball Tournament!  We are honored!!

The Tournament Registration Form:

The tournament today was run by Mike (Mr. Pickleball) Roberts with the help of his wife Michele and other TT members.  This is a USAPA Open tournament, so it is open to all players in the area. There was an amazing turnout of Pickleball players!!  So many, in fact, that we did not know most of them.

We were spending the weekend with friends in Reedville, but we drove back Sunday morning to welcome the players to wish them "Good Games"!

Thank you, Mike, for all of your good work in organizing and running OUR tournament!!

Sidebar:  The picture on my shirt is a screen print of a photo of the participants in the 2008 Labor Day Pickleball Tournament!!  A participant made it for me for my birthday in 2008.

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