Friday, September 20, 2013


Sun, Sept. 15 - We arrived at the TT Chesapeake Bay on Thursday, August 22.  We have been "home" for almost a month and I have not seen my family!  I called my sister, Jean to see if she would be at home on Sunday so that I could come to visit.  She and her husband Bob would be around -- come on over!!

The I called my brother, Chip, who lives in Williamsburg and asked if he would be available to pick me up on Sunday and drive me up to see Jean and Bob.  He said he'd do it!!

We arrived and Jean and Bob's temporary apartment at about 12:30 with plans to go out to Sunday lunch.  J & B sold their home a few months ago and moved into an apartment while they wait for their "apartment" in an "advancing care senior housing development" is being completed -- about a year.  They later took us by the construction site to see where they will be living.  A huge complex!!

We had lunch at Calabash Seafood close by.

Calabash has a nice dining room with a regular menu, but we decided to try their new Tiki Bar menu.  Besides, the Redskins game was on TV in the bar!  The new menu was interesting!  On the weekend you can get $5 Steam; $7 Lobster and other reasonably priced entries.  The trick was - the great prices were contingent on your buying a beverage.  Most drinks were about $3.25, even a glass of water if you did not order another beverage.  There were no refills.  But, for each beverage you bought, you could get another super-priced entree.  In fact, they even offered FREE hot dogs with the purchase of a beverage!!  All sides were ala carte, about $2.25 each.

Chip and I ordered the tall beer, the $7 Lobster Tail with one side. Jean had iced team and the $7 Lobster Tail with one side.  Bob had steamed shrimp from the regular menu.  UUUUUMMMMMMM!

Here we are enjoying our Tiki Bar lunch!!  Faye, Chip, Jean, Bob.

We had to laugh at Jean after we had left the restaurant!!  She had ordered a refill on her tea.  But since there were no refills, she essentially bought a second beverage!!  We teased her that she would have to go back to the restaurant and get her second entree!!  Or, she could get the FREE hot dog!!!  It was soooo funny!!

Thanks all you guys for a fun afternoon!!  Everything was GREAT except the Redskins game!!!

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