Friday, September 20, 2013


Tue, Aug 27 - We have not seen our "old" friends Jack and Ginger in years and years.  We used to have a lot of fun playing tennis, partying, eating, boating and fishing with this great couple.  They have a beautiful home on the Rappahannock River, not too far from our TT Chesapeake Bay Campground!  We gave them a call to see if we could get together!

They suggested a light lunch at a new restaurant on the River at the site of the former Locklies Marina -- Merroir at Locklies Marina.  We contacted friends Karen and Dennis who also have a home on a different river, not too far away to see if they could join us, too.  (We all used to hang out together at Raintree Swim and Racket Club, and other places.)

Merroir is unique, small and rustic and the food and beer are wonderful!!  We chose to sit at a picnic table outside so we could enjoy the view of the Rappahannock.  It is interesting to note that Chef Peter does all of the cooking outside on a gas grill, in a small shed near our table.

I had one of the best crab cakes I have ever eaten west of the Eastern Shore!  Ken had scallops which were succulent and juicy, although they seemed to be a bit under cooked.

We all had a delightful lunch together.  Faye, Jack, Karen, Dennis, Ginger and Ken.

Merroir serves wines and Micro-brewery beer, with intriguing names.  Here is a sampling!

After this delightful lunch, we all retired to Jack and Ginger's house for more drinking, eating and fellowship!!  Let's do it again, soon!!

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