Friday, September 20, 2013


Sat and Sun, Aug 31-Sept 1 - We have not seen these long-time friends for more than three years!  (Except briefly in December).  We all used to play tennis together, party together, and dine together as well as enjoy boating and fishing together on the Chesapeake Bay!

Karen and Dennis invited us to spend the holiday weekend with them at their beautiful home on the Great Wicomico River.  They had also invited another couple of long-time friends, Lois and Gene, to stay as well.

The first thing we did was to gather around a table of Blue Crabs with a cooler of beer!!  What a great time we all had just cracking crabs and catching up!

Next we went for a nice relaxing boat ride on the River.  Unfortunately I missed getting any pictures!

Later in the afternoon we had a challenging game of Ladder Golf!!  Three teams; couples were all mixed up!!

Karen tosses the string as Dennis and Ken look on!

Partners at the other end.  Lois (Ken's partner) tosses as Gene (Karen's partner) and Faye (Dennis' partner) watch, praying that she will not wipe out our scores!

In the end, Lois and Ken were the big winners!!  Congratulations, Guys!!!

Next it was time for some drinks and light snacks and more talk!!  Earlier I had prepared some Mexican Shrimp Cocktails (Shrimp Ceviche).  They turned out pretty good!  And spicy!

There was a lot more fun and boating and wonderful eating throughout the weekend.  Thanks so much Karen and Dennis and Lois and Gene for a fab weekend!!

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