Wednesday, April 4, 2012


In August, our Heart Interface Inverter stopped working! It’s the piece of equipment that converts our 12 volt system to 110 when we are not connected to an electric box. Paul of Paul’s Mobile RV Service took one look and recommended that we contact Tekris near Phoenix to see if they had a rebuilt inverter that would work for us. It would be a lot less expensive than ordering a new one!

Tekris happened to have one Xantex Freedom inverter in stock, which they said is the same as the Heart Interface. We took a drive to Phoenix to pick up the rebuilt Inverter. Tekris was a good group to work with. They even refunded $75 for our broken inverter. We discovered “Tekris” is the combination of two words: Tech and Kris the name of the owner.

Here is Ken with the Shop Manager, picking up the Xantex Freedom Inverter.

Paul installed the Xantex Freedom Inverter at TT Verde Valley. The Xantex Freedom worked OK.

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