Tuesday, April 3, 2012


One last posting about the new residential Hotpoint Refrigerator!!

After we had put all our food from the coolers into the new refrigerator, Ken mentioned that he thought we should get something like tension curtain rods to brace the refrigerator door closed when we travel. I said I didn't think curtain rods would be sturdy enough to hold the door closed. Then we forgot all about it!!


We were traveling from TT Palm Springs to TT Wilderness Lakes, about 65-70 miles. We were almost there when we heard an enormous crash!! What was that??!! I'm sure you've guessed it!!

I had stored all of the pickles, relish, chili sauce, and the like in a container I had saved from the old Norcold refrigerator. And I had stored all the butter, cheeses and other deli items in another container.

The un-braced refrigerator door had swung open!! Both containers had crashed to the tile floor!! Pickles, olives, jalapeno peppers, chili sauce, etc. were all over the floor, and all the deli items were covered with pickle juice and chili sauce!!

The rest of our trip was spent with me on my knees gathering up this mess with paper towels and throwing it into the trash can!! We scrubbed the tile floor two times before we finally felt clean!!

Then Ken said that Del said she used a shower curtain tension rod to brace the refrigerator door when they travel. Oh!! Now you tell me!! It was a shower curtain rod!! Not a curtain rod!!! Needless to say, we now have a shower curtain tension rod to use to brace the door when we travel!!!



Mitch and Barb said...

Yup, looks like a mess to me--but don't you just love the new fridge?!!

We miss you guys!

Mark and Chris said...

Our residential has those push pull clips on all four doors and they seem to do the job of keeping the doors closed very well. Shouldn't be too hard to install a few of those. You can't even see them unless you look really closely. I think Camping World sells them but you can get them on Amazon too.

We are slowly heading north again....back to Ontario for the summer. Looks like Florida again for us next winter. Hope to see you both out east again soon.