Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Our jack problems began in August 2010 when the left front jack would not come up unless Ken pried it up. We had it checked at Camping World in Burlington, WA and found we needed a new jack but HWH was eight weeks out on their orders. We did nothing! Left Washington. The jack worked fine for a year.

In the middle of August 2011, while we were in Cottonwood, AZ, the left front jack acted up again. It would not come up unless Ken pried it up. We went by Camelot. They diagnosed the problem as a barb or bend in the Jack. This time we did have the HWH jack replaced! And it did not take eight weeks for HWH to fill our order!!

Not two weeks later we were setting up at the Cottonwood Elks camping area. When we lowered the jacks, the right rear jack hit and slipped off the railroad tie that the Elks had placed at the back of each site. This caused the foot plate at the bottom of the jack to slip off the jack arm. We called Paul’s Mobile RV Service to come by and help us get the jack back up. (He was planning to come by to check on the Norcold Refrigerator anyway.) He noticed fluid leaking from the jack. Bad News!! Paul took the jack off and discovered the pressure switch had been damaged in the mishap! Another HWH jack had to be replaced!! Like we don’t have enough problems! We have to create problems!!

But the story of the jacks is not over yet!! Oh, no!! In February 2012 the HWH Hydraulic Levelers would not come down!! Oh, no!! That can’t be good!! We stopped by Temecula Valley RV Service as we were leaving TT Wilderness Lakes. They spent half a day just diagnosing the problem. They discovered the jack motor was bad and had to be replaced. Two weeks later, we returned to Temecula Valley RV to have the motor replaced as we were returning to TT Wilderness Lakes!!

But the tale of the HWH jacks is still not over!!! In March the left front HWH jack began leaking fluid and would not hold level!! Again we stopped by Temecula Valley RV to have it checked out!! This time we were lucky!! The jack was repaired in just a few hours!!

We certainly hope that is the end of the problems with HWH Hydraulic Leveling System!!!


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