Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This is a good one! Or a bad one!!! In August when we moved from TT Verde Valley to ROD Camp Verde for our week out, we were parked so far from the electrical box and Ken had to unwind the entire length of the 50 amp cord to reach it. When he did, he discovered that the ends of both the 30 amp and 50 amp cords were burned up as well as the end on the Hughes Autoformer!! Apparently, at some time the Autoformer had protected the motor home from a power surge but sacrificed itself in the process. We had not realized the Autoformer was no longer working! Could this have been the cause of all of our electrical problems??

We called Hughes Autoformer in Anaheim, CA. We would be in that area in early October. An appointment was set up when they would rebuild the Autoformer. In the meantime, Ken simply bypassed the bad Autoformer. Everything is working great!!

Here is the rebuilt Hughes Autoformer. It really surprised that Hughes took care of replacing parts in the Autoformer while we were at lunch!!! Our entire electrical system seems to be working fine!

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