Wednesday, April 4, 2012


At the end of February, when we were at Temecula Valley RV having the jack motor replaced, we asked Bill our Service Representative if they could check out the Norcold Refrigerator. It was not cooling properly!! And we had just had a new Cooling Unit installed in August 2011. You guessed it!! It was the Cooling Unit again!!

We checked into Temecula Valley RV on March 7th to have the new Cooling Unit installed. But! When they removed the Cooling Unit from the refrigerator, they discovered other damages to the refrigerator itself. Bill said the refrigerator could not (or should not) be repaired!! Bad News!!

Here is the back of the Norcold Refrigerator after they removed it.

This was the major problem. The Vacuum Seal had been cut somewhere, somehow!!

This looks pretty bad. Apparently, it was!

This plate is cutting into the electric wires!! BAD!!

Did we want to get a new Norcold Refrigerator?? I don’t think so!!! Friends Del and Jerry have an Allegro Bus similar to ours. They had recently replaced their Norcold refrigerator like ours with a residential Hotpoint Refrigerator from Home Depot. We called them to get the details, and went shopping at Home Depot! There were a few units that would almost fit the space left by the Norcold, but the model purchased by Del and Jerry seemed the best bet. We bought the Black Hotpoint HTR16ABSRBB. It was to be delivered on Friday afternoon to Temecula Valley RV. There was no way the refrigerator could be installed before the weekend.

We went off to play with Ken’s family for a long weekend. On Tuesday morning early, service men at Temecula Valley RV were ready to install the new Hotpoint Refrigerator. You cannot imagine our apprehensions! But the guys at Temecula Valley RV took care of everything!! They did a great job installing and trimming out the new refrigerator!

The service men were happy to pose for pictures!! In fact, the suggested I'd want a picture of the window space. That's the old 4-door Norcold in the background.

They had to remove the dining room window to get the Norcold out and the Hotpoint in! The space just beyond the mirrors is the space where the new refrigerator will fit.

And here is the new Hotpoint Refrigerator!! It actually looks like it belongs in the kitchen. I'm even getting used to the difference in the interior space design from our Norcold.

I really think we'll like it!! Thanks Temecula Valley RV!!

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