Wednesday, April 4, 2012


All of our REPAIR time was not spent solving RV problems. We saved some time for the Suzuki SUV.

Back in February we were staying at Cathedral Palms RV Park so we would be in the area to go to see the Palm Desert Senior Games. Another good thing about Cathedral Palms is that it is located just a mile from the $1 movie that we frequent!!

One afternoon we drove over to see a movie. As we turned into the parking lot, Ken noticed a sign at Goodyear Corporate Tire & Service advertising Oil Change and Lube for $20.95. We could leave the car there for an oil change while we went to the movie and pick the car up after the movie.

A good plan it was except when we went for the car, Andy the manager had a nice little surprise for us! He told from their inspection they would recommended we have the Transmission flushed -- he showed Ken how it was black! Also he said the brakes needed work, disc pads needed to be replaced and the two axle boots on the front axles were in bad condition so the CV Axles should be replaced soon!! Ken saw evidence of that as well!! What to do???

We decided to wait for the Transmission flush that day -- it only took about 30 minutes. We set up an appointment the next day to have the rest of the work done. Hey!! We could go to another movie!!

Everything went according to plan, except - this time when we went to pick up the car after the brake work was to have been completed, Andy told us the supplier had sent a wrong part and the car was not ready. Andy was so apologic. He said his service man could drive us back to the RV Park and pick us up the next day when the car was ready. That would be OK with us. Just pick us up at 1:00 PM so we would be back in time to see another movie before getting our car!!

And that's how we worked it out to have all of that work done on the Suzuki.

Ken and Andy discussing the estimate of all the work to be done.

Ken felt it was a really good thing we had the work done when we did! We were very impressed with the work done by Goodyear Corporate Tire & Service. Andy and his staff were great to work with!! We highly recommend Andy and Goodyear Corporate Tire & Service at the corner of Dinah Shore and Date Palm in Cathedral City for all your auto needs!! And - you can catch a movie ($1.25) while you wait!!!

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