Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This was “fun” (NOT)! A great beginning for 2012 (NOT)!! We had our first experience with Red’s RV Spot, near TT Palm Springs, and probably our last!! A minor problem turned into a major mess. It all started with the Toilet Hand Spray leaking. (For those who do not RV, our toilets do not have a water tank; instead, they have a hand spray to help clean the toilet bowl.) While Ken was replacing the hand spray, another part, the vacuum breaker, broke. We checked several RV places and Red’s RV Spot could get the part the next day. They even offered to install the part for us! Great, we thought.

But. A couple of weeks later the Toilet began to leak around the base. When Ken called Red’s, he was told the Owner, Ron, would come by to see why the Toilet was leaking and what needed to be done. But it was Oz who came by. Ken told him he wanted them to put in a new wax seal. After the wax seal was installed, the Toilet would not open properly! Then they discovered the plastic gear in the foot pedal was broken. We had heard stories of RVers who had spent a fortune repairing their Toilet and ended up buying a new one. We decided it was time to get a whole new Toilet!!! We drove over to Red’s and stood beside their lady, looking over her shoulder, when she ordered the replacement to be delivered the next day: SeaLand Traveler Low Profile, China Bowl, White with Hand Spray.

The next morning, Oz from Red’s came by and installed the new Toilet! A Thetford Aqua-Magic, China Bowl, Low White with Hand Spray! It was not a SeaLand Traveler!!! It is a different shape and larger than our original Toilet!! How did that happen??!! And the labor charge was more than we expected. We drove over to Red’s and talked with Ron. He agreed to reduce the labor charge by one hour. No one could explain how the new Toilet was different from the one that was ordered. Ron did say they would check into it and let us know why we got the wrong Toilet bowl. We still have not heard anything from Ron. The Thetford is a nice Toilet so we will just live with it!!

Here is the new Thetford Toilet! A little overbearing for our small bathroom!

We ran into Al at the Palm Desert Senior Games in February. He jokingly told us he looked at our Blog every day, expecting to see a picture of me sitting on the new Toilet!! HA HA Sorry, Al. That's not going to happen!!

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