Wednesday, April 4, 2012


July – August 2011 – Our Norcold Refrigerator was not cooling properly AGAIN!! So we carried it by Camelot in Cottonwood to check it out. They advised there was another recall on that model and that may correct the problem. We pointed out that we had a new Cooling Unit installed in August 2010 and Camping World said the recall was taken care of in the new Unit. But, there was a recall on the recall, so Gerry at Camelot ordered the part.

SIDEBAR: Can you believe this?? While at Camelot, we raised the TV antenna to watch a little TV while we waited. When we started to leave, we forgot all about the antenna and it caught on a low hanging branch and broke the antenna! We didn’t use the antenna for a while and when we returned to let Camelot take care of the Norcold recall kit, they replaced the TV antenna with a new one!!

We pretty much spent July having problems with the Norcold Refrigerator not cooling. We contacted Norcold ourselves to be certain they knew about the problems so that if it turned out to be the Cooling Unit, it would be covered under warranty which expired in late August. The one year warranty was about to expire!

During the process, we were surprised when Gerry at Camelot said they were closing down for two weeks’ vacation and didn’t have time to deal with our Norcold!! So we turned the matter over to Paul’s Mobile RV in TT Verde Valley. Paul provided Norcold all the information they requested on this huge check list so a new Cooling Unit would be covered under warranty. Then Paul went on vacation for a couple of weeks!

Finally, in September the new Cooling Unit was installed and after a few more tweaks, we had a working Norcold refrigerator!! YEAH!!

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