Thursday, October 23, 2008


Flying-J has changed their policy!! Who Knew!!!

Just discovered the hard way that Flying-J no longer gives RVer's the Cash Price when paying with a Credit Card! You MUST pay with Cash!!

We have been using Flying-J for RV diesel fuel for years. We have always used our RV Real Value Club Card and a Credit Card when paying. And, Flying-J has always considered "Credit-Same-As-Cash"for RVer's, as well as giving a discount of 1 cent per gallon.

This past Monday, when we paid for diesel with our Credit Card, we were charged the full price (almost 10 cents per gallon more). [Note: Cash Price = $3.31; We paid $3.40]. I questioned the cashier and was told that they recently changed their policy and no longer grant RVers the Cash Price when using a Credit Card. To get the Cash Price, we had to pay with cash. It was too late after having already charged the purchase. It would have been a big deal to try to get a refund!!
We are just glad we only bought 100 gallons this time!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



How quickly things change!! This morning, Tuesday, Ken saw his Orthopedic Surgeon to see what to do now!! Dr. McGlynn had reviewed all the events of last Thursday and the X-rays taken while Ken’s hip was dislocated. The doctor was really concerned about Ken’s hip and would not even talk about the knee replacement until the hip has been repaired, as quickly as possible.

The hip replacement is made up of three parts – the top part screws into the hip bone, the bottom part goes into the thigh bone, and the center part is a ball that fits between the two and into the cup of the top part. Dr. McGlynn proposes to surgically remove the ball in Ken’s hip and replace it with one of a larger size. While this repair is not like a hip replacement, it is still going to be major surgery. Following the surgery, he will fit Ken with a hip brace that he is to wear for six weeks to give the hip a chance to heal completely. This sounds exactly like what the doctor in Gloucester had proposed.

Looks like our trip to Florida will be delayed a few weeks more!!

The knee replacement will just have to wait until next Spring, if it is still a problem then.

Thanks to you all for your concern!!


We decided it was time to break down and get a DVR!! So, a couple of weeks ago, we asked Direct TV to provide us with their standard DVR. (We opted not to get the HD version.) Their tech came out to our rig while we were in Richmond and set up their big, new Direct TV Dish and installed the DVR for use with the two TV’s we have. Now we can watch one program while recording another. What a great idea!!!

However, we also have a relatively new TrakVision on our rooftop. We wanted to be able to continue using it as well; particularly when we are staying at a new location for only a night or two. Then we would not have to set up the DTV Dish. The tech said he had wired everything that way; but, it didn’t work. And, we also have a DVD/VCR that we wanted to continue to use to watch rental movies. Of course, when the tech left, that didn’t work either.

It just so happened that our Pickleball friend, Cal, is an expert in these things!! Who Knew??? He came to our rescue -- pulling wires, disconnecting and connecting, testing, @@#%%&$$@, retesting, discarding wires, testing @@#%%&$$@ and retesting again!! We would NEVER have figured it out, ourselves!! Now, thanks to Cal, everything is working the way we want!!!

Thank you, Cal, for being such a great Friend!! And thank you, Diane, for living the life of a Satellite Widow for a few days!!!