Saturday, January 15, 2011


Saturday, Jan 15 – Tonight I went to the Line Dance Social at TT Wilderness Lakes. I decided to would try again because now I know some of the dances they do. (The first time I went to the LD Social in November, I only knew two or three of the dances and sat out most of the time.) And, some of the dancers from our LD classes were planning to attend.

About twenty-five or thirty dancers come in from Line Dance classes in the area and the DJ plays songs for them to dance and very few “classic” LD songs for the rest of us. But this time I did know about ten of the forty plus dances, so it was more fun.

I’m posting these pictures to tell you who some of these dancers are.

Below: Row 1 - The blonde /beside/behind the guy dancer is Rhonda, a Line Dance teacher. After the November dance, Rhonda taught one class that I attended, then she left the park. She gave me a couple of CDs and Step Sheets for a lot of the dances they do. Thank you, Rhonda!! By the way, the DJ was Mike, Rhonda’s husband.

Row 3 - Is Corrine in pink shirt. She is in my morning Line Dance class. A good, experienced dancer.

Below: Middle Row: You can see Corrine again (pink). To her right is Sue who is also in our Line Dance class. Sue, herself, is a LD teacher and she taught us a couple of dances, but Mike did not play those songs tonight.

Back Row: My friend Dancin’ Dottie in the light blue sweater. Dottie and I share teaching duties at the LD class when we are both here at TT Wilderness Lakes or at Palm Springs. She has been doing most of the teaching!

Now here is the most surprising thing!! The following Monday morning, Dottie had left the park and I was teaching alone, when in come two dancers from the Saturday night dance!! I could not believe it!! Here, I was teaching and these were experts!!! But, I just got them to help me teach. I had a great time. They were very gracious and said how much fun the class was and how they had enjoyed it. In fact they invited me to go to Anna Maria’s LD class in Hemet with them on Tuesday. That, too, was a lot of fun.

Charlotte and Pat turned out to be two of the nicest women! Now I’m feeling a little guilty for being resentful of the dancers on Saturday night for monopolizing OUR dance!!

Thank you ladies for sharing your Line Dancing knowledge with me!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Friends Jane and Jim whom we met at TT Peace River several years ago, have now moved back to England. As a Comment to our posting about the Polo Match, Jane wrote:

Hi Faye, next time I see William, I’ll give him your blog address so he can arrange a “chukka”. Looks like a great day out . . .

HA HA. Jane, you are so funny, but I shall look forward to hearing from your friend, William!!


Jan 13 – What a surprise when we checked into TT Wilderness Lakes on January 11. Our friend and fellow Pickleball player, Ranger Al, told us there were so many players they were playing on two courts and several players were waiting to play. He was right. This morning there were nearly twenty players!!! At one point we had three courts going and more people waiting to play!! WHAT FUN!!!